Stand Alone Sermons

Express Yourself

Stand Alone Sermons

This sermon playlist is a compilation of one-time sermons not specific to a series and guest speakers.

The Incarnation

1 Samuel Series

We can grow in our relationship with God by learning from other people’s stories with Him - whether our friends or people long ago. In this series, we look to 1 Samuel to learn from the interactions between God and real people who have gone before us..

Great Expectations

We can experience Christ in many different areas. The question is, do we seek it and do we expect it?


We all know that a verb is an action. This series focuses on the actions God is calling us to take for our own spiritual formation and to help draw others closer to Him.

Easter Series

2019: The World We Live In

Following Christ is more than believing the right things. We must apply what we know and believe in the setting and circumstances around us. Doing so in our culture provides its own unique set of challenges, and we’re considering a few of these specific topics in this sermon series.

Worship Is...

Worship.  It’s a prominent word around churches.  People say things like “Are you going to the worship service?” or “Worship was great this morning!” But what is worship really? What does God want from us?  When and how do we worship?  We’re exploring questions like these in our 2-part Worship series.

New Patterns

As we begin a new year, we might need to create new patterns in our lives. We are not talking about resolutions that we probably won’t keep very long, but habits and choices that will help us live as God desires for us to.

Why We Do The Things We Do

Whether we are talking about baptism, tithing, communion, etc. there are so many different traditions in the church that are practiced, but are meaningless if done without a purpose. In this series we explore the purpose and meaning behind different ways we can engage Christ in faith together.

The Announcement

This Christmas season we are focusing on the angels announcement of the birth of Jesus. We will see how the truth they communicated then is yet still applicable to us today.

Remember: Who God Is And What God Has Done

In this series, we look to the Old Testament to remember what God has done, and more importantly, what we know about who God is because of what God has done. 

Direction Determines Destination

Whether we are talking about our personal choices, our finances, our legacy, or any other topic, we likely won’t end up where we want to be if we aren’t intentional along the way.  In other words, the direction we are going will determine our destination.